Code: 4770168108097


Cucurbita pepo L.
Weight: 0.002 kg / item
Package measurement: 8 x 1 x 14 cm
Bushy variety. Fruits are cylindrical, grows up to 20–60 cm long and has yellow colour peel. Grow best in fertile, manured with organic fertilizers, sunny soil. Courgettes likes warm weather, therefore it is sown, when the soil in the depth of 10 cm warms up to 10–12 ºC. Fruits has a mild taste good for diet nutrition, contain lots of vitamin C and minerals. Consumed fresh, can be fried, steamed, canned.
Price groupB
Earlyness of the varietyModerately early
Quantity in a packet2 g
Number of seeds per gramAbout 6-8 seeds
Sowing time in the soilV-VI
Sowing time for seedlingsIV
Planting distances70 x 60–70 cm
Place of growingField
BrandŽalia stotelė
Sunny placeYes
Among the best-sellingYes
Methods of preparationConservation
Fruit colorGreen