This platform is intended for the customers who have accounts in the B2B system. Goods can be only ordered by connecting to the system. Otherwise it only will be possible to view product catalog, but it will not be possible to order products and download information about it.


1. Registration


If you do not have an account in the system, please fill out the following form:



After you fill out and confirm the form, we will create an account and send your login details via e-mail.

 2. Connecting to the system


Click Sign in at the top of the page.



Enter your login details and click Log in, use e-mail address provided on the Buyer's card.



2.1. Password reminder

If you have forgotten or do not know your password, click on I cannot access my account.



In the form that opens, enter email that was used to create an account and click Send.



 3. Purchasing process

3.1.    Order Summary

Hover over the cart icon at the top of the page and click BUY NOW in the panel that opens.



Order Summary page will be opened.



On this page you can adjust the amount of items in the shopping cart and remove items from the cart.


Click Buy now to continue.


Note: the minimum value of the shopping cart must be over 150 € without VAT.



3.2.    Delivery methods


Several delivery methods are available:

1.DPD delivery. The goods will be delivered by DPD courier. The price is calculated after selecting the goods.

2.Pickup from warehouse. You can pick up the goods free of charge or by using your own courier.


Your shipping address is listed on the right side, below the cart.



Click Next to move on to the next step. It is necessary to agree with the purchasing terms and conditions beforehand.

3.3.        Method of payment



To place an order, click Confirm Order.


3.4.        Order confirmation


Once the order has been confirmed, you will be redirected to the Order Confirmation page and you will also be notified by e-mail about a successful order and you will receive order details.


On this page, you can select Evaluate shopping, where you can leave feedback on the progress of your order.


4.      My account

In My Account section, you can view your order history and edit your personal information.

4.1.        Order history and details


In this section you can see your order history, order status and you can perform other actions related to the order.


4.1.1.    Invoice


Order invoice can be downloaded from the order history page next to the corresponding order.

Invoices are available when the order is shipped or partially shipped.


4.1.2.    Detailed order information

You can view detailed order information by clicking on Details.


Detailed order information will open below the table.



4.2.        Repeating an order

It is possible to repeat an order that has already been placed by going to Order history and details and clicking Reorder.


Upon clicking on the cart icon all the items with corresponding quantities will be added.


4.3.        Delivery address

You can view your shipping address in My Address section.



Note: Address cannot be edited. If the address needs to be corrected, please contact us by e-mail infoB2B@seklos.lt.


4.4.        Password changing

You can change your password in the My personal information section.




5.      Download product information

5.1.        Download product photos

All the product photos can be downloaded on the product page. This can only be done by registered users. On the product page, bellow the photos, there is a link Download images.



Upon clicking .zip file with the product photos will be downloaded. If the item has only one photo, it will not be compressed to zip.


5.2.        Download information about ordered goods

You can download information about ordered goods in Order history and details page.


1. Go to the My Account section.


2. Click on Details by the order.


3. Information that appears below the table provides downloading options.



5.2.1.    Download product descriptions

Product descriptions can be downloaded by clicking on Download ordered products CSV.


Before that, you will need to select the language in which item descriptions will be exported.


5.2.2.    Download images

You can download images by clicking Download images.


You can also download photos in CSV format along with the descriptions.


The last column provides links to goods photos.

6. Importing a shopping cart

6.1. Full product list upload

 You can upload a full shopping cart in one go using the shopping cart import. Click to import.

In the new import window that opens, upload the selected file.

6.2. Download a sample Excel file

If you don't have your own file, you can download a sample Excel file ready to upload.

6.2.1. Requirements of the import file

The imported file must be filled according to the specified criteria:

Column A - enter the barcode of the item (This can be a 12 or 13 digit EAN code)

Column B - enter the quantity you want to order (in tens only).

*Other columns may remain informational - they will not be loaded into the system.

6.3. Corrections of the import file

As some items are limited in quantity, once you have imported the desired list of items, the system will show you which items may have been adjusted due to a shortage of stock. Possible messages:

Product X is sold out (we no longer have this product in stock)

Quantity changed from X to Y (when the imported quantity does not comply with the system requirements - not in tens)

Quantity changed from X to Y maximum (when the quantity available is less than the quantity ordered, it is changed to the maximum quantity allowed)