Code: 4770168920200


Cucurbita pepo L.
Weight: 0.004 kg / item
Package measurement: 8 x 14 x 0.1 cm

This is a variety with a creeping stem. One plant produces about 7–10 small, decorative pumpkins. Fruits are round, flat and ribbed with orange skin and weigh 150-350 g. They can be used not only as a decoration but also for cooking – they can be stewed, fried or stuffed. For earlier harvest, grow from seedlings.

Quantity in a packet1 g
Number of seeds per gram10-15
Place of growingField
Sowing time in the soilV-VI, 3-5 cm
Sowing time for seedlingsIV, 3-5 cm
ManufacturerŽalia stotelė
Distances, cmV-VI,100x100 cm