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Pisum sativum L.(partim)
Weight: 0.006 kg / item
Package measurement: 11 x 16 x 0.5 cm
PEA HALF PINT An early variety, 25 cm high, grown without the use of supports. Suitable for growing in pots or 1 m2 beds. Although the plant is small, there are up to 10 peas in a pod, and they are comparable in size to tall varieties. Suitable for fresh and frozen consumption. Ripe pods are recommended to be harvested immediately; peas that are not overgrown taste better. The pods mature 12 days after they appear. It is important that the soil where you sow the peas is free of weeds. Peas should be sown as early as possible. Growing peas must receive sufficient moisture, only then will the plant produce pods for a long time. Peas are sown directly in the place where they will grow, i.e. directly into a pot or garden bed. 5 g – about 20 seeds. 5 g is sufficient for an area of ​​1–2 m² or 8 pots.