Code: 4770168125704


Capsicum annuum L.
Weight: 0.008 kg / item
Package measurement: 8 x 1 x 14 cm

Very early chilli pepper variety. Fruits are elongated, tapered, bright red and spicy after ripening. Their shape resembling a horn. Used as a condiment. Peppers can be preserved whole in any ripening stage. On one plant will grow 20-25 fruits. Optimum pepper seed germination temperature is 22-25 ºC. Seeds germinate within 14-22 days. Can be grown in open field and greenhouses. The fruit has a capsaicin content of 30-50 thousand on the Scoville scale (SHU). 

Price groupC
Earlyness of the varietyEarly
Hermetic packagingYes
Quantity in a packet0,1g
Number of seeds per gram1 g - apie 120-160 sėklų
Sowing time for seedlingsII-IV, 0,5-1,5cm
Distances, cmIV–VI, 40x30 cm
Planting distancesIV-VI, 40x30 cm
Place of growingField
BrandŽalia stotelė
Sunny placeYes
Methods of preparationConservation, Drying