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Mimosa pudica L.
Weight: 0.01 kg / item
Package measurement: 8 x 14 x 0.2 cm
Perennial, mostly grown as annual, 30 cm height flowers with ornamental leaves. Mimosa leaves fold inward and droop from the slightest vibration or sound. Grown in winter gardens, rooms, as pot plants. Love heat and humidity. If grown outdoors, select a place sheltered from direct sunlight. When grown indoors, the best place – the eastern and western window sill, mimosa dislikes very bright sunshine.
Quantity in a packet0.3 g
Number of seeds per gram~ 160-180
Blooming periodII-IV
Plant height, cm35 cm
Flowering time, heightI-XII, 30 cm
Place of growingBalcony
BrandŽalia stotelė
Height30 cm
Sunny placeYes
Suitable for growingIn the rooms, In the flower gardens
ClimatePartial shade