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Weight: 0.15 kg / item
Package measurement: 10 x 20 x 0.5 cm

MEADOW FLOWERS is a special mixture that creates a year-round flowering meadow in your desired area. The mixture consists of the seeds of more than fifty different kinds of plants. These include lawn, spice, fodder, legume and perennial and annual flower seeds. Colourful flowers will start to delight you in late spring and will change each other even until autumn. This type of meadow is friendly to bees, butterflies and other insects that have a direct impact on the pollination of other plants.
The flowering meadow is made in the same way as a traditional lawn. Previous vegetation, stones, clumps and remaining plant roots are removed. The soil is leveled and rolled. Sowing is recommended in dry and already loose soil. The seeds are spread over the recommended area and covered with a 1 cm to 2 cm layer of soil. It is recommended to keep moist for the first weeks but without watering too much.
The meadow is fertilised in early spring and 30 g/m² of fertiliser is spread.
The flowering meadow is mowed once or twice a year. It is mowed in late June for the first time and in late September for the second time. If you prefer cutting down only once, then do it in autumn.

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