Code: 4770168926226


Weight: 9 kg / item
Package measurement: 40 x 20 x 70 cm

Hemp seed mulch is a natural mulch product made from hemp seed hulls. This mulch can be used in gardening and horticulture as a protective layer on the soil surface. Mulch is spread in a layer of about 5‒10 cm.
Naturalness: hemp seed mulch is a natural product consisting of hemp seed hulls without chemical additives or artificial substances.
Moisture Retention: Hemp seed mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, reduces water evaporation, and allows plants to use available moisture more efficiently.
Soil Temperature Regulation: This mulch can help maintain the optimum soil temperature. It forms an insulating layer that protects plant roots from excessive heat or cold.
Weed control: A thick layer of mulch helps suppress weed growth.
Soil nutrition: Over time, hemp seed pods break down and add organic matter to the soil.
Composition: 100% hemp seed husks.

Approximate product output1 m2
Volume at time of filling40 l
TypeKanapių sėklų mulčias
Packaging40 L