Code: 4770168912144


Weight: 10 kg / item
Package measurement: 55 x 44 x 7 cm
Identification. Bulk organic-mineral fertiliser, A. organic fertiliser with NK fertiliser.
Description. Organic-mineral fertiliser ‘Organic way OM 6-3-4’ meets all the basic plant nutritional needs, enriches the soil with organic matter and stimulates its microbiological activity. Farmers have long known that only healthy soil can produce a healthy and abundant harvest. Organic matter is derived from high-origin chicken manure compost. The composition of the fertiliser is universal. Thus, the fertiliser can be used for all plants that grow in non-acidic soil. The fertiliser is good to use for the vegetables, fruit bushes, berry bushes or decorative plants.
Fertilisation recommendations. In spring, spread the fertiliser and apply it to the soil at a depth of 10 to 15 cm before sowing or planting. Then apply the fertiliser locally to a depth of 5 cm in the root crown of a plant. Fertilise not more than twice a month, depending on the physiological maturity and nutritional needs of the plant. For local fertilisation: 20 to 50 grams per plant. For random fertilisation: 100 to 300 grams per 1 m². Use a higher fertiliser dose for light (sandy) soils and a lower fertiliser dose for heavy (clayey) soils. After fertilising, water abundantly. For best results, the use with soil biostimulants or microbiological fertilisers is recommended.
BrandOrganic Way
Type of fertilizerLoose
Fertilizer seasonalitySpring fertilization, Summer fertilization
Packaging10 kg