Code: 4770168907997


Weight: 0.005 kg / item
Package measurement: 10 x 15 x 1 cm

Intended use: The activator stimulates rooting, speeds up the engraftment of transplanted plants, increases plant resistance to adverse environmental factors, accelerates the maturity of plants and increases the yield. Application: The stems for layers, cuttings, shoots or offsets are soaked with water and immersed in the activator powder (about 2 cm) for the purpose of their rooting, and then inserted into prepared holes in the substrate. Before planting, seeds and bulbs are soaked in an activator solution consisting of 2 g/litre of water for 6–12 hours. Seedlings and sprouting plants are watered with an activator solution consisting of 2 g/10 litres of water every 7–14 days.
Ingredients: CaCO3 – 98.1%, MgCO3 – 0.9%, Fe2O3 – 0.08%, Al2O3 – 0.35%, SiO2 – 0.55%, Ca > 38%, HCl < 1%, pH – 9.4.
Precautionary statements: when using, observe general hygiene requirements. Keep out of the reach of children. Protect the product from moisture and sunlight. After use, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. If it gets in the eyes, carefully wash them out under running water for several minutes, and if eye irritation persists, seek medical advice. If it gets on the skin, wash it off with soap and water, and if skin irritation occurs, seek medical advice. If swallowed, rinse out your mouth and call a poison centre/doctor if you feel unwell. Store at temperatures from +5 to +30°C. Weight (net): 2 g. Manufacturer: Penergetic International AG, the Swiss Confederation. Distributor: Agrofirma “SĖKLOS” UAB, Smėlio str. 8, LT-10324, Vilnius, Batch No. and date of manufacture: look on the package. In case of physical changes, the nutritional properties of the product’s ingredients are not affected. Keep the product dry and protected from direct sunlight, and its use time is unlimited.

PurposeUniversal stimulant
Packaging2 g
Languages on the packagingLT, EE, EN, LV