Code: 4770168914223


Centaurea cyanus L.
Weight: 0.001 kg / item
Package measurement: 8 x 14 x 0.2 cm
Popular annual, easy-to-grow flowers. Blooms are 3-4 cm in diameter. Grown in flower gardens, pots, sown in lawns. Flowers are cut for bouquets. Particularly suitable for flower gardens to create the impression of a natural meadow or to fill small spaces between perennials. These flowers will bloom longer if sufficient moisture is ensured, so if the soil is dry, watering is recommended. Cornflowers do not need special soil, can grow even in flower gardens with poor soil lacking fertiliser. Plants contain a lot of nectar and attract insects and butterflies to the garden.
Quantity in a packet1 g
Number of seeds per gram~ 250
Sowing time in the soilV-VI, 1 cm
Sowing time in the greenhouseIII–IV, 1 cm
Blooming periodVI-VII, 80 cm
Plant height, cm80 cm
Flowering time, heightVI-VII, 80 cm
Place of growingField
BrandŽalia stotelė
TransplantationV-VI, 15 x 15 cm
Sunny placeYes