Code: 4770168926045


Weight: 1.04 kg / item
Package measurement: 12.5 x 21.5 x 5 cm

PFC 1(C)(I)(a)(ii): COMPOUND SOLID INORGANIC MACRONUTRIENT FERTILISER. Declaration of content NPK (Ca, S) 3,5-10-20 (+16+25). The fertiliser is intended to garden soil, bulb flowers, perennial garden and ornamental plants, lawn fertilizing in autumn or early spring if not fertilized in autumn. Local or sporadic (lawn) fertilizing. Spread the fertilizer and insert it into the soil (10-20 cm) before digging (or planting) or around vegetating plants. Apply the fertilizer around the bushes and trees at the width of branches. Application rate: garden soil (fallow) – 40–80 g/m2 (before digging); bulb flowers – 20 g/m2 (when planting); strawberries, berry and ornamental shrubs – 60 g/m2 (when planting) or 30 g/m2 (during the recommended fertilizing period); fruit and ornamental trees – 100 g/m2 (when planting or during the recommended fertilizing period); when setting up (sowing) a lawn – 80 g/m2; new lawn – 60 g/m2 (once following the first mowing); well-developed lawn – 30 g/m2 (during the recommended fertilizing period). Use only when the need for fertiliser has been recognized! Do not exceed the application rates!

Type of fertilizerLoose
Fertilizer seasonalityAutumn fertilization
Packaging1 kg
NPKNPK (Ca, S) 3,5-10-20 (+16+25)
Languages on the packagingEN, LT, LV, EE