Code: 4770168914810


Phaseolus vulgaris L.
Weight: 0.021 kg / item
Package measurement: 11 x 16 x 0.2 cm

Medium-early climbing bean variety. Both pods and light brown seeds are used for food. Pods are light green, stringless, broad, 18–20 cm long. The best time for harvesting the pods is when the seeds are the size of a grain of wheat. The variety is resistant to anthracnose. Beans grow well in fertile, humus-rich, neutral pH (6.0–6.8), loose soil, which can warm up quickly, in a warm, sunny place.

Earlyness of the varietyModerately early
Quantity in a packet15gr
Number of seeds per gram1 g - apie 3-5 sėklas
Sowing time in the soilV-VI, 3-5 cm
Distances, cm80x10 cm
Plant heightTall
Place of growingField
BrandŽalia stotelė
Sunny placeYes